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What is The ALMANAC?

The ALMANAC is a private Lady Farmer Community, created exclusively for members.

Inside The ALMANAC, you will join a growing community of people who are seeking a slower, more sustainable lifestyle, guided by simplicity, beauty, and connection with the natural world. Hosted by Lady Farmer and led by the rhythms of the seasons, this is a space for us to come together in an exploration of the life-changing paradigm shift of slowing down. 

Here you will find workshops, articles, activities, recipes, essays, music, poetry, and much more on topics such as sustainable food, clothing, the arts of making, and the power of our daily consumer choices. Join in on member-exclusive events such as themed virtual gatherings, guest presentations, book clubs and other topical discussions, where you can connect, share with and learn from fellow ALMANAC members on your slow living journey.

Memberships are available on a monthly or annual basis.
Member benefits below are available to our premium subscribers of our Slow Living Through The Seasons guide, which starts at $11/month.
We also have a community-only membership, without the added content and gathering perks, available to supporters of The Good Dirt Podcast starting at $5/month. Scroll down to learn more!

What's included in my membership?

  • Guidance for Sustainable Living - Enjoy weekly shares of Lady Farmer recipes, how-tos, podcast conversations, resources, and mindfulness exercises. Learn to cook real food, simplify your home, and find sustainable clothing options!

  • Community Get Togethers - Monthly virtual gatherings for sharing with fellow community members on your slow living journey.

  • Free access to virtual gatherings - with Mary, Emma, and special guests, including ALMANAC-only workshops and our Lady Farmer Book Club.

  • Access to all archival content - Enjoy access every ALMANAC workshop, recipe, journaling exercise and discussion thread! Journey through our seasonal roadmap at your own pace.

  • 10% Member Discounts in the Lady Farmer Marketplace year-round.

  • Friendship & connection with our like-minded community of those seeking slower, more sustainable ways of living.

Who is Lady Farmer?

Mother-daughter duo Mary & Emma Kingsley joined forces when they realized their shared need for more ethically produced and sustainable clothing that fit their lifestyle. Their efforts quickly expanded beyond their initial apparel production to an educational and community platform, connecting people with big ideas, actionable steps, and passionate leaders across multiple disciplines in the realms of slow living and sustainability.

Today, Lady Farmer continues to cultivate a community that fosters independence from consumer systems that are harmful to humans and our planet. We encourage growing awareness and teach ethical sourcing of food, clothing, and products of daily life that are healthful to humans and regenerative to our lives, our spirits - and our soil! Learn more via our website, ladyfarmer.com, our podcast, The Good Dirt, or on Instagram @weareladyfarmer

Join us!

Join hundreds of members who are experiencing positive change in their life and want to inspire you and share ideas and resources with you. Experience The ALMANAC today!